Below is a list of commonly asked insurance questions:

1.) What do I do in the case of an emergency after hours?


The following is a list of after-hour emergency numbers:

Auto Owners: 1-888-252-4626
Foremost: 1-800-528-5995
Fremont: 1-800-550-0325
Hastings: 1-800-442-8277
DRIVE by Progressive: 1-800-776-4737
Bristol West: 1-800-274-7865
Michigan Basic: 1-800-572-7683


2.) How do I file a claim?


Each of our providers have different procedures. Please call our agency for more information.


3.) If my car is damaged due to an accident are car rental expenses covered?


Only if you have purchased the separate rental car coverage on your policy.


4.) Is my car covered on my home owner's insurance policy if it is parked in the garage
and the garage burns or falls in?


No. It is covered on your auto policy under the “other than collision” coverage. This coverage is an option and must be purchased.


5.) Whose name needs to be on the title of my vehicle in order to be insured?


In order to be insured under an insurance policy in your name, the vehicle must be titled to you. If you are insuring a vehicle which is titled to another person, you may not be covered at the time of a claim.


6.) How do I know if my home is adequately insured?


We use a replacement cost estimator to calculate the approximate replacement cost value of your home. If you have made any home improvements since your policy began, please contact us to review your coverages.

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